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       Jiangsu giant union reducer co., LTD. Takes a seat in the -- -- -- -- -- - cattle pond industrial zone, is a company specializing in the production of cycloidal reducer, F R S K helical gear reducer, chemical special mixer, reducer housing, guan fan dedicated reducer, star discharging valve professional enterprise. Our company produces the "giant" brand reducer best-selling national various provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and exported to southeast Asian countries. Products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, textile, lifting, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, grain and oil, feed speed reducer, environmental protection and other industrial ......
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R S K FHelical gear reducer

X BSeries of cycloidal reducer

The alum card reducer

Star discharger turn off the fan

Worm gear and worm reducer

Three-phase asynchronous motor

Jiangsu giant union reducer co., LTD
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